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Gordon Fearn’s continuing involvement with the Nottingham GB Canoeing Talent ID Academy

The Nottingham TID Academy has been fortunate enough to benefit from Gordon's support for the last year or so.

His sessions are always thoroughly enjoyed by our paddlers.  

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10 February 2014

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Children at Richard  Bonington School in Arnold are transformed by Know the Game sessions

'Gordon is an innovative and inspiring tutor who always delivers new and exciting PE ideas. He will often take 'old ideas' and breathe new life into them.

Similarly he comes up with fresh ideas that are brand new.

The children absolutely love his sessions and look forward to them all week. There is never a dull moment.

Children who previously disliked PE and struggled are now blossoming and crucially, enjoying PE.

 The vast improvement and transformation to the children's co-ordination, movement and gross motor skills is brilliant to see.'

Sharon Hall & Nick Smith, Teachers

Young leaders take part in Get Set workshop with award winning coach

Malcolm Arnold Academy are running a Get Set All Stars project in a number of local primary schools. 

During the project, a select number of our year 9 leadership students will be delivering sport sessions in the schools. 

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Vareena Amos,
10 Feb 2014, 04:07