Table Tennis

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Gordon is a Level 4 table tennis coach and tutor.
His philosophy is to provide quality coaching through an athlete centred approach, looking at personal improvement and building the foundations to allow you to reach your full potential in every way and help you to Know the Game

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The system works – He has successfully trained
  • James Rawson to Paralympic gold, silver and bronze medals
  • Georgina Walker to 4 times under 21 champion
  • Emma Vickers to 3 times under 21 national champion
Georgina and Emma were also national junior champions and gained England representative caps at both junior and senior level.
Emma Vickers in Competition

Under 21 Women's Singles Final - Vickers v Hicks

Gordon is also a qualified coach in Football (Level 2), Squash (Level 2), Tennis (Level 1), Athletics (Level 1), Badminton (Level 1) and has coached individuals and clubs in each of these sports.

'Gordon is a great coach who really understands different individuals and coaches them in a way that best suits them, he is always thinking outside the box for ways to improve your game.'

Emma Vickers 

Emma Vickers at the English Open 2011

Gordon has transformed me from being a poor club player to a versatile veterans county player in only six months.

The practical improvements in my game and my tactical knowledge of the sport have developed so much, and this is all attributable to Gordon - thank you.


Isabelle Tyrrell

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