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Case Study - Rushcliffe Arena Junior Badminton Club

Gordon visited Rushcliffe Arena Junior Badminton Club for a total of 6, 1-hour sessions.

Firstly, the group was instructed on the importance of a good warm up before any activity can take place.  This took the form of a story with a series of actions to encourage moving and stretching.

Gordon the
n worked with our young players aged 8 to 12 on a range of fundamental skills, using equipment such as bean bags, hoops, balls, and adapted equipment such as paper balls, scarves, and pom poms.

He took them through a series of fun themed exercises designed to build movement and coordination skills and also used ladders and cones to build agility into the mix.

Once the children got hold of rackets, Gordon was very quick to spot the players with lower levels of coordination and gave them pom poms to hit which fall more slowly than shuttles.  The paper balls were a big hit as even the less coordinated could achieve a rally with a much slower moving object to hit.

The children were completely engaged.  There was some initial reluctance as they really wanted to be playing matches but they quickly saw the point of the sessions - learn the basic skills and then apply them to play successfully.

Even after a few short weeks we saw children moving much betterless flat footed, and able to track a moving object in order to strike it.

Many of the children and parents asked whether Gordon would be regularly attending our sessions as he was seen as an excellent club resource.

Donna Marshall - Club secretary