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Improve your squads and teams with sports specific work for individuals, groups and clubs

"Gordon and I worked together on a project linking MultiSkills and Volleyball presented to keystage 2 children in school curriculum time.
Each session started with the FUNdamentals of movement leading into volleyball related movement - jumping, sidestep and change of pace. Volleyball skills were
introduced with the aid of MultiSkills equipment supporting the key areas of agility, balance and coordination.
His extensive knowledge of MultiSkills and there role in different sports helped me introduce the volleyball elements in an engaging and fun way.

Gordon captured the attention of the children with fun games and stories and used these to support the achievement of good movement and sport specific skills.
Working with Gordon has been invaluable and it has brought positive changes to my coaching, at all levels."

Paul Lamb
FIVB Level 2 Coach
Head Coach - Nottingham Rockets Volleyball Club
Assistant Coach - England Central Division Girls
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