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Multi Skills

The multi skills approach goes 
hand in hand with the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model based on the work of Istvan Balyi producing a long term approach to maximising individual potential and involvement in sport.

By working with participants from a very young age and feeding them skills and competencies over a series of age appropriate stages:
  • Early Years
  • Fundamentals of Movement - ABCs
  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Fundamental Sports Skills
  • Sports Specific Skills

They are more likely to achieve success in sport, while developing social skills and building self esteem and confidence. This training model has also shown improved academic achievement.

The participants and the coach will work together over a period of time to achieve success in a chosen sport or physical activity at any level from grassroots to the peak of elite performance and includes other elements such as 
posture and healthy eating across all the Key Stages.

Download the KTG Schools Poster  (PDF)

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Physical literacy – the cornerstone of sports participation in early life and a guarantee of lifelong involvement 

Generally, physical literacy describes children’s ability in the full range of Fundamentals of Movement and Fundamental Movement Skills that are the building blocks for the acquisition and development of more specific sport and life skills. In the context of LTAD,
 physical literacy also implies mastery of Fundamental Sports Skills.

Download the  SCUK Coaching for Fundamentals(PDF)

Provision of PPA/PE cover

Know the Game can assist schools with the cover while at the same time enhancing the quality of your sports provision.

We can provide:
  • help with structured physical activity
  • qualified coach
  • all the equipment and national curriculum lesson plans
  • a fun environment for children helping them to enjoy physical activity
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