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Update from Nottingham Canoe Slalom Talent ID Academy


I found Gordon’s mentoring offered a rewarding insight into my own coaching, I found his background in multi sports allowed for a new perspective other than what I have been offered by peer to peer mentoring in the past thus further challenging me to reconsider some of my own processes.

Working with the Nottingham Canoe Slalom Talent ID Academy
We are in our 2nd year of systematically identifying Nottingham based children and supporting them via a fast tracked system of professional coaching support. Our intention is to deliver these children onto the GB Junior team within 4-6yrs. The sport of Canoe Slalom is a highly technical, specific, open skill based sport requiring huge amounts of explosive stop start activity, set in an uncontrolled white water environment, it is essential that our paddlers have superior cognitive and perceptual skill sets in order to succeed to the 
canoe paddle imagehighest level.

Gordon is working with the Academy to add value to our paddlers strength and conditioning programme by designing (and delivering) a tailored sport specific multi sport programme to help expand and develop their physical literacy. I am looking forward to working with Gordon, I have found multi sport sessions in the
past to be highly engaging for our paddlers and highly effective (setting up an implicit learning environment is often key to getting the most out of younger age groups), long term this will be of massively benefit to our paddlers and hopefully give them the edge they need to succeed to the highest levels.

Richard Ramsdale
UKCC Level 3 coach
Canoe England