Fundamental Sports Skills

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Fundamental sport skills are the generic technical skills required to effectively participate in all five sport and physical activity categories. The technical skills do not have sport-specific intricacies and remain generic to all sports that come within a category.
Fundamental sports skills include:

  • teamwork
  • decision making
  • spacial awareness
  • tactics 
 links to sport like rugby, football & hockey 
 striking and fielding
  • communication
  • travelling
  • striking sending
  • receiving
links to sports like cricket, baseball & rounders
  • volley
  • bounce
  • over a barrier
  • spins
  • tactics
  • recovery
links to sports like squash. tennis. volleyball & table tennis 
  • starting
  • jumping
  • running
  • power
  • strength
  • flexibilty
links to sports like track and field 

"Observing Gordon with a group or class of children was fascinating.  He came up with all sorts of games and activities to promote the fundamentals of sport.  Gordon made sure all the children were involved and adapted sessions to suit all ages and abilities. I was amazed by the way could point out children with potential for different sports within a few minutes of watching them playing different games and performing tasks.

 I cannot praise Gordon enough he is a very talented coach with bags of enthusiasm and ability."

Emma Poole