Fundamental Movement A,B,Cs

including Fundamental Movements Skills

Fundamentals of Movement (FoM)
‘Principles that underpin both generic and sport-specific movement skills. The abilities 
of balance, coordination and agility which are the foundation of movement skills’

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)
‘Generic movement skills that are more complex than balance, coordination and agility 
(FoM) and are the movement competencies that are the foundation of sport-specific skills.’  

Wings to Fly - Catching

With thanks to the ECB - this video shows KTG's Gordon Fearn providing tips on catching and coordination.

This film may not be reproduced without the permission of the ECBimage of red lines

It’s not about excellence at this stage – it’s about developing Agility, Balance, and Coordination to participate at all levels.

Sessions are delivered with an emphasis on FUN and are based on a series of carefully tailored games and exercises that will lay sound foundations on which to develop sports skills.

Activities will include running, jumping, throwing, catching and will be based around fun themes and stories appropriate for the age group and can be tailored to a specific curriculum.

Developing movement and spatial awareness as well as controlling movement through good balance.

These are fundamental movement skills that are vital and transferable to all sports.

Thanks Gordon for running the superb coaching course this weekend.

I really enjoyed it and it all seems to be fitting into place with the FOM, FOMS & FSS.

On Monday  I brought some balance work/info into my mini squash session in a local skill. Nice!

Thanks again.

Kind Regards,
Andy Hay
Advance Squash Coaching